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Bottled water - mineral content?

I cut my tap water with RO water. But, sometimes, because of convenience I get water from our local “Kwik Star (Kwik Trip)” store. It says it is treated with “ozonation.” I am trying to find some info about what is in it. I have leads of “Hummel Spring” in Liberty Illinois and “Alyeska Bottling.” Can’t find a report on it anywhere - anyone got anything on it??? Thanks


Tried there . . . could not find anything specifically. Not sure if it is under something else maybe. Also, it is labeled as Nature’s Touch, in the store.

I saw a bottle of water at the grocery store that said it was purified by reverse osmosis then minerals were added for flavor. Am I the only one who finds that odd? :?

Minerals are always added to bottled water for flavor. RO water is pretty much tasteless. It’s just a way to purify and then add back a certain " flavor" profile.

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