Bottled my beer

Sat bottle my Irish Red. I had to leave it in the 2 ferm for an extra week (3weeks) due to other respondsibilities. I ended up with 2 bottles short of 2 cases. When I bottled, I used raw sugar. I measure out sugar for each bottle. That was something new to do. I also forgot how much time consuming it was.

Wow… 46 individual measurements would drive me nuts. Any reason you didn’t bulk prime in the bottling bucket?

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You will be getting kegs soon.

I had little luck with carbonation in bottles. It was inconsistent, some co2 and some not, the reasoning for kegging. I would add the sugar to the bucket, stirred it, waited a little, and bottle. I am not sure what was doing wrong and lack of confidence. I have been brewing for 4-5 years. I will say, that I do add little sugar in my keg.

Yeah, this is on my mind a lot…
It’s more about getting everyone to rinse their bottles…

“He who rinses gets more beer” teach that mantra to your pals

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Just use dominos sugar dots each dot weights 2.9 grams, the sugar calc. will tell you 2.7 grams per bottle. I use them every time I bottle, normally just bottle the first 12 then keg the rest.

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