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Bottle wand won’t fit on tubing

Today is bottle day and I’m currently prepping everything. I have the brew share enjoy kit. I’m having a really difficult time fitting the bottling wand onto the tubing, like they’re almost the same size. The wand is too small to fit onto the spigot on the bucket as well. Any advice?

Soak the end of the tube in very hot water it will soften and go on easier.

I always run the hose under hot tap water. Works every time.

Every wand and spigot I’ve used needs 1.5"-2" of clear tubing between the two as an adapter

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+1 to hot water, but hot Star San is better. You need to sanitize anyway and Star San makes the plastic a little slippery. So get it hot, lube it up and it’ll slide right in…

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You cant say that at work.

Mmm different thought here

The beer gentlemen… keep it to the beer… :kissing_heart: Sneezles61

I was talking about the bottling wand. :innocent:

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"Bottling Wand…is that what we’re calling it now? :smiling_imp:

If this forum has an HR department, I think half of us were just told to report there! :joy:

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We are cool with a little fun here. Let’s just keep it under control.


A while back, I switched from the 5/16" tubing to 3/8". Goes on and comes off a lot easier. Never had a problem with it sliding off or leaking either.

Just clowning sir! :joy: Sneezles61

It’s no problem.

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Man, I didn’t mean to derail the thread. Apologies.

(But I’m not promising not to do it again, cuz I’m pretty lowbrow.) :joy::tada:


Group virtual hug Big J!! :heart_eyes: Sneezles61

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