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Bottle NEIPA or keg

I have a NEIPA ready to package and am thinking about bottle conditioning. Generally I’ll keg and then bottle off the keg as needed. As you know the NEIPA is best drank quickly. I’m wondering if it holds up better bottle conditioned. I know some breweries do it. Anyone care to comment? And secondly anyone know off hand which breweries bottle condition their New Englands

Count me as in camp keg here. North east IPAs are prone to oxidation and kegging is the way to go here. Bottling increases the element of oxidation risk in my opinion. If you drink them fast you could probably bottle but oxidation occurs relatively quickly.


As a bottler I say you’ll have to purge either way and the keg sounds easier. My NEIPAs are amazing in the bottle but I cannot drink them fast enough before they oxidize.


Seems there’s a mini ferment when bottle conditioning… It’s not enough to use up the O2?..if it isn’t… Would you prime, push with CO2 into a purged keg, then into the bottle? No risk of adding any extra O2…
Maybe that’s the belt and suspenders whilst wearing bibs idea…?

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I was thinking less oxidatioin bottling. But also I’m planning to share a bunch save me a step

I think this is a brilliant idea @sneezles61 if you’re bottling a NEIPA.

this is how they bottle for the classes at my LHBS

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