Bottle hops

Has anybody (I’m sure someone has) but has someone here added hops to a bottle. I intend to bottle a beer I have a bit left in a keg and thought about giving a hop dose. I figured id drop in 1 hop pellet per bottle which us about .25 grams which is equivalent to about .5 oz/5gal. Will it cause a bottle bombs?

I doubt one single hop pellet in a bottle would contribute enough to hop creep to create a bottle bomb. You might get some foaming when adding it so have the cap and capper ready to drop in and recap.
I’ve never done it but I have heard of some adding hops to bottle of light American lagers. The premise is to use a neutral beer to see what the hops bring to the table.
I can’t seem to find it but someone used to make a little capsule that would fit in the neck of a bottle for this purpose.

So here is how I did. Since Im bottling from the keg first I purged all the bottles with gas from the keg and sat a sanitized cap on each. Then went around shooting a bit of beer in each bottle and set the cap back on. Next I filled each bottle under low pressure and sealed the caps. Ready to go on Vaekay. I’ll report. Back in a couple

Bottom of the keg lives the lazy yeast…. The winners have since left the fermenter/keg.
I did do “that” experiment with hop pellet in a light brew… see what/if any difference… nope.