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Bottle Drying Rack

Hey…I’m very new to this forum. Started brewing about 1 year ago and feel in love with it. I really enjoy beer and the whole brewing process. I’m a engineer so I love making stuff to help make the brewing process easier and more enjoyable. Here is simple DIY, but a very useful one. The holes were drilled with a 2" hole saw, 3" apart, both horizontialy and vertically. It is covered with a clear gloss to help with the water. It sits down into my wash sink and can stand on it’s own if I need both tubs. Anyways here are some pics

Very nice! The reason I love homebrewing is because homebrewing = DIY, from equipment to the good stuff itself. Nice work!

awesome idea!

I used the CNC router at work to make up a smaller one for when I’m removing labels. It just sits on top of my dish drying rack.

Nicely done. I finally bought a bottle tree, and it’s changed my life! I almost enjoy bottling now. Almost.

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