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Bottle drying devices

For those who dont use kegs or dont have room for a keg, how do you dry your bottles and do you use anything (NB fast Rack or Bottle Tree)?

Used a bottle tree when i bottled.

Does it work well? Does it take up a good amount of space?

Trying to save for one of those 1.75 gallon kegs that fit right in the fridge, but for now I have to deal with bottling.

If you lived near by, I’d give you my bottle tree… I’m very thankful I keg now… Did I mention… VERY? Sneezles61

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Same :grinning: it does take up some room…but it is easily taken apart.

Fast Rack is a lot better for my limited space. One tier I have resting in an ikea bin (which is prefect size) this tier is where freshly emptied bottles go after having a rinse and a burst of starsan. Fits perfectly in my kitchen cabinets. The other tier is in my closet. When I fill a tier I know I better have something ready to bottle soon :slight_smile:
I was given a bottle tree and I have yet to bring it home from work as I do not know where I would put it.

I use the Fast Rack. After one day the bottles are dry then to cases for storing.

I have an old wooden Pepsi crate. Put bottles into dry upside down. Put full bottles in right side up for taking along. Makes a nice decoration hanging on the wall when not in use. They are getting harder to come by though

I started with same Pepsi crate. Still have it… somewhere…

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I don’t think so Squeege… Brew Cat has it now! :wink: Sneezles61

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Fast rack seems like what I’ll end up getting. Wish I just had room for kegs. The negatives of living in an apartment. Small apartment.

Its OK… Some day… keep the flame alive… Sneezles61

I remember my wife was having a tag sale once and I came home to find my stuff in the driveway with price tags on it. Cost me a few bucks to buy it back. Maybe that’s what happened to @squeegeethree s crate. I did get it at a tag sale.

My wife would love to tag sale everything in our apartment and start over from nothing. @Dan82 We are 4 people in 1000 sq ft. I am fortunate though because my wife loves to organize so she figure out how to get all my brew stuff stacked into one closet. I guess the downside of having a partner that loves to organize is that only she knows where everything is.

Ask her where your crate is

This is one item where the truly space limited could skip it in my opinion. You’re going to get them wet again just prior to bottling anyway, with star San or similar,( I hope). After oxyclean then a starsan soak, I box them up in standard beer cardboard boxes until ready to use (and starsan soak again). Never had a problem.

That’s a good idea. I’ve just saved bottles from commercial beers I’ve drank, so I dont have a box. I can find something tho

Haha. I hear yah. Its me and my little girl in my apartment; about 900 sq ft. give or take. I do really need to organize my closet. Im sure i can fit everything in there.

I pick up the cases I need at my favorite bar. Most often what is on hand is Miller or Bud cases. Some of these don’t have the needed height for some bottles. I prefer New Glarus cases. They are the heaviest cardboard construction and further strengthened with the 6 pack holders inside.

If i still lived in Milwaukee (WI native) id drive out there for a tour and all lol. But maybe i can check my local brewery here in Marshall MI. DarkHorse brewery.

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