Bottle Conditioning Temp?

I just bottled my first batch of brew ever and had a question about storing the bottles. I have them in a closet in my basement at about 65-66 degrees. Is this too cold or should it be okay? I figured I would leave them alone for about 3 weeks before I tried one…

Mid 60’s should be fine, although it may take up to three weeks. I usually try to condition for at least two weeks in the low 70’s, then into the fridge or the cellar they go. Darker “maltier” beers tend to do well with some extra time in the bottle to bring out some of the mare subtle malt profiles, while “hoppier/spiced” beers are better fresh as the hop/spice flavor tends to fade.

Congrats on the first of what I’m sure will be many batches!!!

I may be able to get it a bit warmer by moving it next to the water heater. I was going to test the temperature in that area for a day or two before I moved it…

Or is it best to wait another week where it is?

It should be fine either way. The conditioning temp is not nearly as important as the fermentation temp. I’m sure when you decide to try that first bottle, it’ll be the best beer you’ve ever had…because it’s yours.


Not sure I can wait 3 weeks…

I always try a bottle or two before it’s ready but then I always have a bottle or two less when it tastes the best. It won’t hurt to try one early just to check the carbonation and see how the beer changes as it ages.

My basement was always that temp as well, took about 4 weeks to carb. Sometimes more depending on the beer.