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Bottle conditioning in Growlers

Can bottle conditioning be done in growlers? I have my first batch in fermenter and was wondering if I can bottle condition in a few growlers I have. I did get 2 cases of brown bottles for the bottling but was wondering if it can be done in growlers. One is clear and the other is brown glass, both have screw tops.

Thanks for any help!


I’ve never tried it, but I have read they do not have the structural strength to withstand carbonation pressures.

It’s had mixed results, but it absolutely leans in favor of a bottle bomb. My advice is do not do it.

I do it regularly and have not had a problem in many years. You need the good white metal cap with the caulk like bead around the inside for a good seal against the glass, otherwise it will most likely leak and not hold pressure required to carbonate.

Thanks all. The last thing I need is a bottle bomb. They do have the metal caps, but unfortunately no ring to seal them once screwed on. I guess the ones you get from the brew pubs are only to transport the beer from the tap home.

I have two from a brew pub with the swing tops and rubber rimmed ceramic lid. They seem to seal tightly, but the fewe times I’ve brought beer home from the brew pub, it was flat within 48 hours.

Granted. That’s beer already carbed and pures into a growler.

I have been tempted to try to bottle condition in one, but didn’t want to waste beer for a potential bottle bomb experiment.

Those growlers with the ceramic swing top take a little work to ensure that the lid is sealed square and firm.

One thing to consider when bottle conditioning in a growler. It will not explode if over pressurized. It will crack around the entire base and just spill the contents. Force = Pressure X Area. Since the bottom is the biggest flat area where the most normal force vectors will act upon it, it follows that the bottom will have the most force acting upon it.

I’ve ruined a swing top 1 liter bottle but never a growler. Also, the beer I put in it was not done fermenting. It got stuck at 1.043 but I was not thinking and bottled it anyway.

With not having kegging abilities yet, I was thinking of growlers too. Reading several post on here, I’m backing off. I am looking at 2l seltzer bottles. Now may use sphion cane to move to growlers. Growlers have white metal lids with polly seal. I figured racking and filling almost to the top would help keep O2 down.

Just get the 1 liter swing tops. The ones I got 3 years ago are still going strong.

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