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Bottle conditioning higher ABV beer

I’m bottling up my first attempt at a IIPA.

OG was 1.082 and it has stopped at 1.013. Since it’s 9% ABV, I’m wondering if the yeast (1272 Wyeast American Ale II) will be able to carbonate this with just the bottling sugar method or if I will need additional help.

You’re probably fine, but reyeasting doesn’t hurt if you want some insurance. Doesn’t even need to be the same strain, you could use a sprinkle of us05 or whatever other dry yeast you have handy.

How long ago was this brewed and in primary?

Brewday/Primary began on 06/09/13 - was there for 22 days and then racked to the secondary on 07/01/13. Plan is to bottle on Friday…which would be a total of 40 days (18 days in the secondary-the last 13 days being dryhop time)

how much is a “sprinkle”?

i’d rather not mess with it if it will be fine, because it’s friggin delicious right now.

it really doesn’t matter how much you add. I think 1-2 tbsp would be plenty.

Remember that too much yeast can’t cause bottle bombs, just too much sugar (for them to eat and make too much CO2).

Either way, it shouldn’t mess with the flavor.

Yup, I said “sprinkle” cause the exact amount really doesn’t matter. Your sugar will only add another couple point of gravity, doesn’t take much to finish it off. The Belgian’s btw reyeast with a different strain routinely on their bottle conditioned beers. I suspect its as much to protect their proprietary yeast strains as it is to ensure a strong bottle fermentation, but regardless it works and doesn’t hurt flavor.

I hadn’t even thought of that. Duh.

Thanks everyone!

I think you would probably be fine without re-yeasting, but better safe than sorry.

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