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Bottle Carbing technique

I do not remember where i read it (could have been on this forum) that if you swirl your bottles ever so gently they will carb better and faster. I can see this working due to suspending the yeast, although in most brewing procedures you just want to let the beer sit. Any thoughts?

I bring this up because I have a pumpkin beer I would like fully carbed for thanksgiving and it has been in the bottles about 11 days and is not where it needs to be.

I had an imperial stout that after about 2-1/2 weeks was still under carbed. They were in a 12 pack case of bottles and I just turned the whole thing upside down about every day for a week or so.

Next one I tired was perfect.

Shouldn’t hurt and probably would help, but if it were me I’d only do it once. I’d rather have things settle when it’s close to when I want to drink it. You could also try warming them up to room temp and then throw them in the fridge Wed before noon.

Get it to the warmest part of the house, 70-80F :wink: and it should be ready by Tday.

Well in Noveber in WI the house is about 65 inthe warmest part…it would cost me an arm and a leg to keep the house at 70+

that’s going to be a problem then. at below 70 is takes significantly longer to carb…like 2x as long.

any chance a closet, bathroom, or bedroom…is toastier than the rest of the house? Or…maybe you could harvest the heat from the TV or fridge. perhaps place a 6pack or 2 behind/near both and you’ll have enough heat to carb them for tday.


I have a saison fermenting on top of my air ducts and my fermometers are reading 74-78*, I keep my heat at 68-70(Eastern Iowa), i guess if yours are on the ceiling this wont work though.

I have a space heater I could use in a small room in the basment. Mabey i will get that room to 72 or so for couple of days.

I like to take blankets and form a small nest around my bottles.
I then sit on the bottle nest until they are ready.

Do you have a heating pad and a spare cooler?

That’s awesome, you can hatch beer eggs!! Thanks for the laugh!

I have a Belgian that was just over what fit in carboys so I fermented it out in some liter seltzer bottles then transferred it to fresh ones and added carb drops. Then we left for the winter in our motor home with them in the storage. The motion from driving had them rock hard in only a week. I’m guessing keeping the yeast moving will definitely speed carbonation.

The top of your fridge is a good warm spot if SHMBO does not mind or you have a second fridge somewhere. A good place for yeast smack packs too.

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