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Bottle carbing my Pilsner

Bottled my Czech Pilsner last week and plan on lagering for a couple months. I am bottle carbing. Out of curiosity I opened one last night to see if thing was happening since I’m lagering at roughly 40 degrees. Of course it was flat but my question is, how long will it take to carb at that temp? I’m usually making ales because they quicker. I used the priming sugar calculator and primed accordingly.

Keep them at 70° until you carbonate them. If you keep them at 40 may not carbonate


I would say that it likely will not carbonate at 40 F in a reasonable amount of time. I say this because I sometimes add fruit puree, honey and other forms of sugar to kegs and keep them in kegerator at 34 F. I have neither observed any noticeable loss of sweetness nor additional carbonation even when in kegerator for a couple months. I would worn you never to do what I do in the kegs to bottled beer a you could make bottle bombs if the bottles warm up.

When I bottle my pilsners, I let then sit at 70F for 3 weeks and occasionally inverting and shaking them to stir up the yeast. I then lager them for at least a month at 34 F.

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