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Bottle Bomb Concerns

Bottling a 5 gallon extract batch of Jamil’s Evil Twin, and 8 bottles into bottling, I realized I didn’t stir in the priming sugar mixture. I added the priming mixture first, then racked on top of it, but I neglected to stir it in. I immediately uncapped the 8 bottles, poured them in carefully, trying to minimize oxygenation, and stirred the bottling bucket. I am now concerned that the priming solution did not get thoroughly mixed in and possibly just sunk to the bottom since it was so much cooler than when I normally mix it in. Should I be concerned or just RDWHAHB?

Your concern is valid and is a possibility, but… I bet everything will be just fine, especially if you stirred or swirled the priming sugar a bit before resuming bottling.


Since you suspect the bottles, put your bottles in cases, then put the cases in garbage bags. If any bottles do go, the cardboard and plastic will at least contain the mess.

This has become my SOP for every batch, suspicious or not. The one time it came in handy it was so nice being able to carry everything outside to hose off. No skunky beer mess in the carpet.

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