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Bottle beer poured into soda bottle?

So i am goin to an event that does not allow glass bottles…my question is has anyone ever took a bottle homebrew and poured it into a plastic soda bottle and what were the results? They we be drank rather quickly. From time open to transferred and drank maybe 3-4 hrs.

Really its not too much different than filling a growler from a tap. I’d try it ahead of time and see if it is adequate, you’re going to lose some carbonation but it kind of depends on how carbed the beer is in the first place. To minimize loss, I’d get the bottled beer really cold first, then pour quietly into the plastic bottles. you’ll want to fill them all the way to the top and cap immediately.

If you had an extra week or so you could add a little more priming sugar and carb them in 2L soda bottles.

Good luck.

I have a music festival I’m going to at the end of July and I just bottled three 2-liter bottles with a homebrew for the weekend. Just made a half batch, added priming sugar and bottled and let me tell you that was the best (read fastest) bottling experience of all time! I think you should be fine doing it and from what I can tell the only problems are that it can go bad quickly because the bottles let light in and they go flat quick once opened.

I pour kegged beer in unflavored seltzer bottles all of the time. It does lose some carbonation but it helps to fill them as much as possible. They are great for in a cooler so there is no worry about broken glass when we take them on the boat. I use the liter size and pour into a Red Solo Cup. Proceed to party!

They will stay pressurized for a day or two if unopened but after opening they lose the fizz fast.

Yeah the bottles are pretty carbed . i figure my plan of attack is if i open a few at say 11… dump them into a 2 liter soda bottle, fill them to the top and quickly put the top on… i will be drinking an hour later with friends, so once i open the soda bottle and pour, i wont be sealing it back up because it will be in someones cup being enjoyed.

If you have a CO2 tank you could use these:


…forget that…said music festival has been cancelled…guess I need to find somewhere else to drink three 2-liters of wonderful delicious beer…

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