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Bottle Aging Brett

I just brewed a batch of Northern brewers “Funktional Fruit” kettle soured belgian, with wyeast 3711.
I’ve never brewed with Brett before but decided after brewing I want to try it for the funky flavor, not just the tartness from the lacto in the kettle sour. When I transfer to secondary and add the cherry my plan is to take a portion of the funktional fruit out and pitch 5526 Brett Lambicus.

I have a small brewing space and would prefer not to have a fermenter in there for a year. After the secondary calms down can I add priming sugar and just bottle it and then let it go for 6months to a year? Or does the aging need to happen before bottling in order to get the funky flavor?


Well you will get the Bret flavor but you will also get carbonation so i would let it age a bit in the secondary.

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Of course, will do. Thanks

If you have an extra keg you can age it in there just release the pressure occasionally

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