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Boston Butt

A Boston butt ready to go into the oven. New Calphalon roasting pan arrived so I had to try it out. Old pan had loose Teflon that I scrubbed off which bared the raw steel. After an over night soak in soapy water the pan had the distinct aroma of soap absorbed into the steel.

One hour per pound at 275°F. Take it out at 195° internal temperature.

Got a little wiser tying up the butt this morning. Was always a problem keeping the twine jar clean and in place while pulling out a new length. I put a small eye screw into the underside of the cabinet. The force of the pull is now straight up. My twine jar doesn’t move.


Sounds delicious and perfect for the deep freeze we’re experiencing. Looks like a solid fix to your twine issue as well. Do you just rub or inject as well? We invested in a Calphalon set 2 years ago and have been buying add ons ever since. Seems to be great quality if taken care of properly

Looks great! There are a lot of " Boston butts" around here but not like thst one. They are all driving here…


I used a paste. This one is minced garlic, thyme, brown mustard, peanut oil, and a little kosher salt. Cross hatched the fat cutting a quarter inch into the meat. After coating with the paste refrigerated for two days wrapped in aluminum foil.

Calphalon had a 40% off sale going when I ordered the roasting pan with an extra 20% off on certain items. I was looking at this one when it was $79. Got it for $40 including the tax. Sale might still be going for a couple of days.

That’s an awesome deal! I’m running out of cabinet space with all the pots, pans and gadgets already. We’re trying to downsize and stick with the more practical stuff we use often but it’s hard for me to let go sometimes. Wife has a chicken and corn chowder going in the Ninja cooker now and it smells amazing.

I usually rub my butts down 3-4 days before smoking too. It’s amazing how a few simple ingredients can make such a great taste. Unfortunately I haven’t smoked or brewed in at least a month and I have lots of meat and hops in the freezer.

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