I’m interested in learning more about the chemistry side of brewing. Off flavor precursors and development to eradication. Oils to IBU’s all that good stuff. I have no formal back ground in chemistry so the literature needs to be somewhat straight forwards. I don’t mind looking up a lot of words to find their meaning that actually helps me understand easier. I have looked up several books and have an idea with “Principles of Brewing Science”? Just looking to see if anyone has something good/bad to say or a helpful direction. I have read Yeast and How to Brew. I will be picking them up at other points to brush up on info. I’m currently reading Designing great beer. Thanks for the help.

brew chemistry 101 is a good start for basic chem.

principals of brewing science by george fix is great for chem and microbio. It’s the best brew science book that i have IMO

in my experience its difficult to learn chem on your own. schooling is the best way to go

Ill pick those both up. I have gone back and forth on going to school part time for chem/bio or something alone those lines.