Books and info on sours

Hey guys,

so I’ve been going back and forth on the decision to start brewing some sours. I have the extra equipment to allow for long ferments and dedicated equipment, just can’t get past the thought internally that I don’t have all the information I can get. I like to be prepared when it comes to my favorite hobby. I’m looking to see if anyone knows of a good book or resource on making sours. I see our host sells a book called “Wild Brews” by Jeff Sparrow, I may stop by after work and see if they have it in stock. Has anyone read this book? I do enjoy drinking sours, as an example, I like Rodenbach Grand Cru, Lindemans cuvee rene, Liefmans Goudenband. Any points into the right directions would be appreciated.

Thanks guys.

I’m no expert here seeing that I only have two sours sitting in fermenters and neither are close to done but that book is a good starting point. I skimmed it (it was a friends so I didn’t really have time to read it all) and it was good. My first sour is almost a year old. It’s a Flanders Red and Sparrow is the one who wrote it. If you do a google search for sours or lambics or flander’s reds through Brew Your Own there are some good free articles online too. That’s where I got the Red recipe from.

Wild Brews is a great book and worth buying.