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Book Review: Historical Brewing Techniques : The Lost Art of Farmhouse Brewing

Lars Marius Garshol recently released a book to complement his wonderful blog…

This book is amazing and a must read for anyone who has a passion for brewing. “Historical Brewing Techniques : The Lost Art of Farmhouse Brewing” is close to 400 pages of incredible process descriptions, history and pictures covering the remote parts of Northern Europe. These practices have become of special interest lately because of the popularity or Kveik yeasts. I highly encourage you to pick up a copy.

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You know, if you just took pics of each page and posted them we wouldn’t t need to purchase the book… :wink:


@loopie_beer you need to set up a mill like this on the Olentangy River

Oh boy the Olentangy doesn’t flow like that!

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Looks good. I read the Phil Markowski book and it was ok…not terribly in depth and his excuse/response was not much information survives about the origins of these beers. Thoughts?

I have not read the Markowski book. It just read an absolutely destructive review of Markowski here that is really worth reading if you like Saisons. I did not fact check the fact checker. The comments in this page do some great counter points however.

Garshol book is not one person’s take on a regional style. Instead he is interviewing the actual “farmers” who are making beer and maintain family practices. So there is no one origin.
What is really distinctive, as we all nerd out on gear and best practices to push magical boundaries, is how raw beer making can be. For example…

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I liked the rebuttal from the first segment… Call a guy a fake and he shows up to point a finger back at you… That was good!


Yeah that is pretty great. Open dialog left up for all to see and learn that much more from.

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