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Bonehead Mistake -- Smack Pack

I am NOT a big strong guy, but I managed to explode my smackpack of 3787 Trappist HG. I blew a very small hole in the top and top corner. Maybe lost a tablespoon tops. I sprayed the package down with StarSan and put some plasticwrap over the top.

Am I screwed? This was for a starter, so I figure if its not contaminated, I will be growing more yeast anyways? Advice please.


Good move with the star san and plastic wrap. It will he fine for temporary storage. Since you are making a starter you have no worries.

Whew. Thank Josh. Total Bonehead move.


No that happens sometimes with those smack packs. I found its easier to move the nutrient pack to the corner and squeeze it until it bursts.

I’m pretty surprised myself I haven’t done just that. which of course typing this means I just jinxed it.

I have shaken up a white labs vial too much to where it exploded everywhere when I opened it. This is what creates good techniques

I don’t know how many hundreds of those things I’ve used and it’s never happened to me. You don’t really have to “smack” it very hard. You can even find the nutrient pouch and just squeeze it between your fingers to break it open.

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