Boiling wort

after adding my first round of hops the recipe says to boil for 40 min.
do I stir it at all during that time?

Once you get your wort up to a decent rolling boil, there’s no need to stir.

I stir occasionally just to check for stuff that may start sticking to the bottom of the kettle. Also stir back in hop residue that sticks to the side of the kettle just above the boiling wort.
Stirring occasionally can prevent boil overs, you will be close to the pot to watch what is happening.

thank you

I stir for a few minutes after i add any LME and DME, at least until a minute or so after the hot break. I don’t want anything sticking to the bottom! I’ll occasionally stir a few more times after hop additions. So basically what flars said! :cheers: