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Boil kettle bottom larger than the burner

I just purchased a 30 gallon BK to do 20 gallon batches. The diameter of the BK is 22 inches and extends about 2 inches over the edge of the propane burner frame. Is there anything I should be concerned about or any modification I need to make to ensure a trouble free brew?

As long as it’s stable and you are careful it should work. I have a burner I used to use with a kettle larger than the top. It sat securely on it if you positioned it just right. Just don’t bump into it.

You could make or have welded some kind of extension of course but remember the ring around it protects from wind so if you raise the kettle that could be a problem and it will be further from the flame.


Hopefully it’s a strong and sturdy burner. That’s a good amount of weight. My burner had a minimum diameter but I don’t remember a maximum diameter. You might notice a more paint burn if it’s painted.

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