Bohemian Dark Beer

Anyone brew this U Flekü’ish beer published a few years back? Sounds pretty tasty on paper. ... ian-dunkel

Since my trip, I have been considering something like this. I was surprised to see Munich I and CaraMunich II in the grain bill. On another forum, a few people knocked around a recipe but this one seems like the one to use since it’s coming right from guest brewers at the brewery itself. I had that U Fleku dark beer in June when I went to Prague and the beer (and the place) are a great visit. Thanks for posting that link… I plan to make something like this soon.

Thanks for posting this. Exactly the recipe style I was hoping to find.
I love czech and german dark beers.

I brewed this recipe a couple years ago. It was pretty good. I remember a moderate toasty, caramel flavor from the CaraMunich with the Saaz provided some balancing bitterness and spicy hop flavor. I think I used Wyeast 2007, and I used a single infusion mash, although I don’t remember the temperature. I can look it up if you are interested.

Brewed this late last year and tapped recently.

It’s great. It started out balanced more towards the Saaz late addition, but as it matured became more all around balanced and ended with a nice soft chocolate roast character.

Very nice beer!!