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Blueberry Beer

Hey y’all,

I am looking for a great blueberry beer recipe for the forth of July. I am making. A red raspberry gose, Belgium wit, and blueberry…


I see where you’re going but coming up blank. The only fruit beer I make are sours. You could just throw a handful of blueberries in a pale ale just so you can legally call it a blueberry ale. I wouldnt make it blue though. But that’s just me. Maybe @damian_winter has an idea.

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Okay I found something for you. Special K with blueberry lemon clusters. Thow a box of that in a nice IPA might go well. I’ve thrown boxes of cereal in beer a few times. They came out good. The lemon will be good

How about a general blonde ale bittered to about 20IBUs and neutral yeast. Add about 1 or 2 pounds per gallon.

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I have read that blueberries sometimes ferment more like wine… the special k ipa sounds great, but probably not with the audience that I will have.

Blonde would probably go over better. What kind of hops would you recommend?

I was thinking about blending/dicing the blueberries a little. I like the lemon kick. May work that in as well.

I brew a 6 gallon basic American wheat (Blue Moon clone), split it into thirds after initial fermentation is done. 3 lb of fresh frozen blueberries in 1/3 , 2lb of fresh frozen raspberries in another 1/3. The last 1/3 I keep as a standard ‘orange moon’.
The blueberries do get fermented completely leaving no sweetness and little flavor. But I add 1/2 cup of xylitol at bottling and that adds back enough sweetness to let the flavor come back.

Out of curiosity whose coming to this party?

Haha… very few ipa lovers. I am also going to have a NEIPA and APA on that should satisfy the hop heads.

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Mayby a thought. Mirical fruit. Think they call it synsepalun delcificum. If you mix it with sour fruits it does give a mild sweet flav.

Use just a bittering charge. For me, I don’t want the fruit competing with hops unless that is what my goal is, and for you it doesn’t sound that you want that.

Also, for perceived sweetness add some lactose late in the boil.

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There is a lot of style you can use blueberries in i realy like them in Wheats and Belgian styles myself. American wheat is my go to style for them. The ratio is 1 lbs to 3 lbs per gallon. Depending on how much flavor you are looking for. Don’t expect it to be sweet with out adding lactose or adding potassium sorbate.

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