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Blow out!

I made an ipa Sunday. I checked on it Monday afternoon and all was well. When I checked on today the stopper and air lock blow out. I cleaned and starstan and replaced them. Now I"m worried about an infection. Am I screwed?!

Anything is possible. Do you have gnats, fruit flies or ant?

Start your fermentation with a blow off hose. The bigger the better.

very unlikely with all the pressure coming out

You will be fine but it’s called blow off, blow out is what happens to a tire on your car.

Hi i must brewed my first batch of carribou slobber yesterday. I put the bung and airlock on and overnight the blow off blew off…now there is kreusen leaking out. Is it ruined Nd what should i do?

you need a blow off hose, not an airlock. It will subside soon and then get an airlock back on

Okay, whats the likeliehood of contamination? There was a thick cap of yeasty foam on top so its not like it was completely open

your probably fine there is so much co2 gas coming out its gonna be hard for something to get back in. Once it subsides get an airlock on it

Just did, thanks for the help

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