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Blow off water sucked into fermentor

I just tried to empty the sediment from my conicle fermentor, but forgot to take the blow off tube out of the water. It sucked no more than a table spoon of water into my fermentor, but im still concerned about contamination. The water that was sucked in was a mixture of star san, and all the foam from the blow off tube after a very active fermentation. It happened about a week into fermentation. does anyone think this will negatively effect my beer.

I’ve read several threads like this and most if not all have had no problems and many have sucked in a lot more. They have also said that they could really tell no difference in the finished beer.

But, only time will tell.

Good luck.

happens to me occassionally - moreso with lagers when the temp hasn’t stabilized yet. never once had an issue.

Try using some vodka next time.
It sanitizes the airlock too.

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