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Blow off tubing the whole time?

I did a White House Honey Ale two weeks again. It was the one gallon recipe. I used the blow off tubing the whole time. Any downside to that?

Only down side is if a mouse can swim get in and come out drunk.


That’s a good one @flars

I brewed a number of one gallon batches this way (one gallon carboy with blowoff tube).

In retrospect, I should have moved much faster to a fermenter that had enough room (and head space) to brew a full one gallon (128 oz → 10 bottles. without a blow-off tube. A two gallon pail (or the Little Big Mouth Bubbler ) is so much easier for small batches that a “one gallon” (actually 120 oz less trub, less … ) carboy.

If you enjoy the hobby, move off of one gallon carboys to something better. You won’t regret the purchase.


I do 5-ers, and threw away my airlocks quite some time ago. Blow off tube all the way… No mouse ever been harmed in my brewing adventures…:stuck_out_tongue: Sneezles61

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