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Blood Orange puree

I have 3 pounds of Puree I’m thinking wheat IPA. Anyone have a wheat IPA recipe? I have something in my head but wondering what you people have.

I would do a 50/50 mix 2 row and wheat. About 20ibu and a neutral American yeast.


I would only use a bittering charge of magnum.

If you wanted to get fancy you could use a late hop that is extremely fruity to build on that blood orange. Something like galaxy.

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Red colored, orang juice flavored beer…? Sneezles61

Is there a problem ? Loopie says low IBU o was thinking 50-60. What do you think

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Oh heavens no… I wouldn’t tell any one what’s right or not… Sneezles61

Maybe something like 21st amendment blood orange ipa

I’ve heard of that one but I haven’t had it

Depends on what you want. A fruit forward beer or a hop forward beer.

I also just saw that you mentioned wheat IPA. In that case your 50-60 ibus would work.

I just did a blood orange Brett with 3lbs of puree and I only used a half oz of Cashmere, and oz of hibiscus, and a half oz of juniper berry for bittering, I felt the blood orange was allowed to be present but subtle.

Well I have this puree in the freezer. Don’t remember actually what my plan was. Probably a Wit of some sort. Now I was thinking maybe something a bit more bitter like the IPA. I don’t know maybe I’ll just leave it in there. I’ve never really had a blood orange beer that impressed me. Just figured I could do one that did.

Don’t expect the blood orange puree to look like the cover photo of a tropicana ad campaign. It doesn’t really look that appetizing. Just use it

I would keep the bitter addition low and do late and whirlpool additions with hops that show case orange. My White Ipa 50/50 Pilsner and Wheat with blood orange puree. I bittered with Bravo 20 ibus and Mandarina Bavaria and Bravo 10 minute addition and whirpool additions. I added puree and dry hopped together. Used Wyeast strain 1388. I was just thinking last sunday that i need to make it again before summer ends

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I like how you think @damian_winter.

Thank you @loopie_beer. One of these days were going to have to brew together.

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What was the final Ibu

Aren’t you 2 guys somewhat close? It would be a fun exchange and show and tell brew… Keep it going… Sneezles61

I will dig it up the recipe tomorrow and let you know. I am thinking was around 53 or so. I may just brew it this weekend my self

Yeah were pretty close 6 hours apart

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