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Blood Orange Alcohol

Hi All,

I’m a complete newbie to making my own alcohol and am planning on ‘having a go’ for the first time making something alcoholic with blood oranges.

It is really hard to find any decent resources on the internet in terms of making my own alcohol and there seems to be 100’s of different methods.

I’ve bought 2 plastic kilner jars with an airlock (like these Kilner Fermentation Set), alcoholic yeast and a couple of litres of freshly squeezed scililian blood orange juice from Waitrose (plus I know I add lot of sugar).

I know I could add vodka to it instead with sugar into the fruit juice instead.

I’ve been told adding sugar to vodka makes it into a liquer so I don’t know what adding yeast would do and whether it would work?

What will work better?

Welcome to the forum. You have some interesting ideas in your post. I will say that some of them are jumbled concepts that with time and patience you will unscramble and have success.
If I many organize some of your ideas into 2 categories: making wine and making a tincture.
If you ferment your orange juice you are making wine.
If you add stuff to vodka you are making a tincture.
IMO you should not mix the 2 processes. Most likely you will kill your yeast if you start adding vodka to what you are making.

Do you think fermenting blood orange juice will work?

Is it really as simple as adding sugar and yeast?

For more help you should post your recipe as exactly as you can. For you to determine the sugar content of your OJ you will want to buy a hydrometer

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