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Blonde ale critique. Brewing tonight. About to go shopping

So my father-in-law is coming into town in about a month, and he really likes blonde ales. So I am gonna go shopping today and brew tonight.

Here’s the recipe I have. Any feedback would be awesome!

Target OG: 1.055 Est FG: 1.014 my usual efficiency is ~75% doing MIAB
IBU: 16 / SRM 4

8# pale 2-row
2# Vienna

Mash @ 152 for 60 then a short sacc rest at 165 for 10

.5 willamette 60 min
.5 cascade 15 min

Plan on using some nice n clean like 1056 for yeast. 1.5 wks primary 1.5 secondary then bottle as normal. Should be ready by the time he gets here.

Any ideas? I’ve never done a blonde, or a beer this light so any feedback would be helpful.


That recipe looks fine. The only thing I might consider changing is replacing between 1/2 an 1 lb of the pale for some cane sugar, at a roughly 2/3 lb sugar per lb grain ratio. That will lighten the body some.

I would probably bump the the IBU’s up some. But I like my Blondes with a little bite :slight_smile:
Your on the upper end for the gravity and the lower end for IBU’s.

Ok thanks.

So replace 1# pale with ? .75# cane sugar? What about corn sugar? I have several pounds of that on hand.

And then maybe bump up the 60 min to .75??


Ok say here’s the new recipe

OG 1.053 FG 1.013 // IBU 21 SRM 4.03

6# 2-row
2.5# Vienna
.75 # corn sugar

.75 willamette 60
.5 cascade 15

Doesn’t even have to be corn sugar; ordinary table sugar works fine.

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