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Blocked Keg?


I think quite a lot of debris got into my keg (hops etc) long story !

But I now believe my keg to be blocked, I’m pouring from the tap but not much is coming out :frowning:

Does anyone have any ideas how I could unblock it, trying to keep my beer intact ?

Please help !!!



The long liquid dip tube is probably clogged. If there’s only crud stuck to the bottom of it, then shaking the keg a bit may help. You could depressurize the keg, then push CO2 in the liquid side to clear the tub. Next step would be to depressurize, remove the liquid post, pull the tub out to clean it then reassemble.
If there is a lot of debris in the keg, it may clog again however.

I bag my hops when I dry hop in the keg, and this occasionally happens. Typically I just crank up the pressure to blow it through and this usually pops things free. This summer, I did have to swap the gas fitting so that I could reverse blow down through the diptube. That’s the first time I’ve ever had to do that.


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Your posts and disconnects are the smallest passage for. the beer to pass through. They’re you’re most likely suspects. Just releasing the pressure and moving things around may clear a blockage but it’s likely to come back.

i’d try to clear it, pour off a pint or two to make sure any trub is cleared from around the diptube, then transfer the beer under pressure to another keg if you have one. That would leave you with a nice clean keg of beer and all the trub left behind.

Guys thank you

Will start with the least invasive and progress to changing kegs - thx :pray:


Yeah that’s what I’ve found. Remove the disconnect and dip tube and clean. Try that first as long as you’re sanitary no hazard. If after doing that let it settle for a few days before a pour. This is one of the reasons I don’t free dry hops anymore.

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Try swapping a liquid disconnect onto your CO2 line then give it a blast backwards to clear the dip tube without opening the keg. It might just clog up again but worth a try. If it does work try not to shake the keg after so the hop debris doesn’t settle under the dip tube. Many of us cut a little off the dip tubes to get them off the bottom a bit.

Thank you :pray:

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