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Block party AA, what are the grains made up off?


I’m very new to brewing and have recently purchased and brewed the block party amber ale recipe.

I’m based in the UK, and we have limited availability of northern brewer recipe kits, so I’m trying to figure out what the mix of grains was in the specialty grain addition?

Does anyone know please.


Here you go!

Looks like 0.5 lb Caramel 80; 0.125 lb special B; 0.125 lb light roasted barley

I can’t belive I missed that!

Many thanks !!

No problem, and welcome to the forum!


I’ve always thought that handy that NB makes the recipes available. Great idea!

It certainly does!

Have you guys ever used light liquid malt extract instead of golden that the BPAA has in it. We don’t seem to have Golden malt extract in the UK…

WWHHAAATTT??!!! No golden promise LME? I guess you could always steep some or even Marris Otter and add to your LME (Liquid Malt Extract) Sneezles61

Yes I guess I’m going to have to go down that route! would you just steep the grains and use this as your wort? Or would you turn this into the extract?

I would steep and add to your extract kettle. Sneezles61

X[quote=“sneezles61, post:7, topic:26799”]
WWHHAAATTT??!!! No golden promise LME
I think “golden” in the name Briess or Maillard gives it just refers to the color. I do not think it is Scottish Golden Promise malt. I would guess you can substitute any base pale extract and add a little carapils to make it golden

I guess if it doesnt say Simpsons golden malt… Sneezles61

Hi Guys,

Just tested my BPAA after 11 days in the primary. I had a gravity reading of 1.016. Started at 1.046 so getting close to 4%.

I’m considering cold crashing it for the next 3 days to get the Ale as clean as possible, before bottling on Saturday.

Do you think this is an ok plan? Am I close enough to final gravity ?

It tasted really good, Im refusing to go and pay $3 a bottle from our offlicense In he UK! So currently have no beer lol.

That may be a little high yet. What temperature are you fermenting at?

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The temp is 72.F

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