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Blichmann Brewmometer reviews

Does anyone have any thoughts on the Brewmometer? Good? Bad? Seems like a can’t miss idea.

It’s really nice. You might be able to get away cheaper though with another brand.

The one on my boil kettle always gets foggy with condensation after a 90 minute boil, regardless of whether I use a heatshield.

It always clears up within a few days and there doesn’t seem to be any lasting damage (I’ve been using them for about a year), but I wish they were designed for exposure to higher temps.

I’ve been very pleased with mine. I always use a heat shield with mine even though it is glass, no fogging issues here. Be careful buying a cheap-o, most of the cheap ones have plastic faces and may not have a calibration set screw.

Love mine, I use the heat shield and have had no fogging issues even with a 90min boil.

I don’t have the heat shield, but have never had a problem with fogging. It’s on my MT now, it was on my BK for a few years. I like the fact that I can see when I’m getting close to strike temp while milling grain across the garage.

Never had an issue either has always checked out when I check my thermos for accuracy, have never had to adjust. I also highly recommend for spot checking etc…the ADN/ proaccurate digital thermo that NB carries has again always been spot on and reads fast.

It’s good for the boil and hot liqueur tank, not accurate enough for the mash, though. It needs to be “tapped” or else it kinda gets stuck up to five degrees off… it is hard to know exactly where the temp is, things like that. I like using a digital lab thermometer in my mash. ... s_indust_1
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