Bleached or nonbleached fabric

so with my steamer using fabric as the under and top layer, or with the koji kin process, i have seen mentioned mostly here on this forum: " unbleached fabric" being the tapestry of choice. why unbleached, i understand that unbleached is “good for the enviroment”, :blah: that kinda thing. but effectively what is the bleached fabric i have, going to do “adversley” to the steaming or koji making process. i would of coarse soak and strip the fabric as much as possible to eliminate contanimants.

ps. im probably alittle obsessive with this sake hobby but im looking on this website almost constantly, and there just isnt enough posts going on. lets get some debates going or some topics worth bantering about. like who made what and my sake is better than yours anything. or maybe everyone here might know another forum that people talk sake on so i may quench my thirst.this one is still my fav :shock:

Hi kojikin (kind of weird writing that, but anyway),

With my steaming experiments I used simple dish cloths


I do not think there is any real difference between the outcome when using either. What you want to consider is the amount of steam that is trapped by the fabric. The issue here relates to condensated steam, which can result in some rice with a high moisture content like had it been boiled.

I followed these forums closely once, refreshing every hour or so… But the activity is just awfull :wink: So I stopped… But hey, thumbs up for trying to revive the activity.

Well, around 2008-2009 I was really posting a ton here. Now I wait for others to post, otherwise I stare at my own posts forever :slight_smile:

I buy 1 yard x 1 yard plain 100% cotton, no dyes or anything added from wal*mart. The cloth isn’t bleached I believe, and a natural color. I use them to wrap up my koji and thought about using them to steam with. I suppose I could boil them in a solution of sodium bicarbonate to help remove all traces of odor and flavor contributions. I am looking into material to make strain bags. I would like to find some felt and some cotton bags.

I ordered some fine mesh bags from Northern Brewer, should be here by Wednesday, I hope. I can then press my black rice sake!

It’s gonna stain my bags purple…

Hey so how did that black sake turn out any off flavors from the outerlayers. (Figureing it wouldn’t be highly polished)? Check out you local jo-anns or any fabric wholesalers, you can find great deals for steals.