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"Bland" FInal Product

Just tasted my third bottle of a Jamil’s Evil Twin that was bottled a month ago after a month in primary…unfortunately, it’s still well undercarbed and can only be described as bland. It tastes almost identical to the american wheat I first brewed when I got my kit (which was also well undercarbonated)…basically tasteless. Did a full boil, pitched a healthy yeast starter, maintained temp in the mid to high 60’s with a swamp cooler, and had a decent final gravity. The only hiccup came during the bottling when some of the bottles probably got fairly oxidized. However, I just can’t see isolated oxidation as contributing to this much lack of flavor. After a phenomenal batch of the Dry Dock Pale ale, this is a huge disappointment, and I was hoping someone could shed some light on some areas in the process that might have gone wrong.

What kind of water are you using? IME, when batches all taste the same it’s usually a poor water profile. You might consider getting a water report if you haven’t already.

Inquiring mind wants to know, why was it in the primary for a month?

Just a matter of a busy schedule. And my last batch turned out great with the same water profile.

hi , can you tell us the og fg and yeast you used.

I read you have several under carbed beers. Are you using a carbonation calculator? I find that under carbed beers are bland. Wait till you get them fully carbonated before you decide. Also get a second opinion from a friend, people have different taste sensitivities.

Since you’re doing a kit from NB I’m sure the hop levels are ok. Possibly your water is low in sulfates. Sulfates in the correct amounts will give your hops more punch. Calcium Sulfate = useful for adding calcium if the water is low in sulfate. Can be used to add sulfate “crispness” to the hop bitterness

If you’re unfamilar with brewing salts read well before trying or you could get worse results.

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