Black Rice koji

Wanted to make something different and seen some mention of black rice. It’s not red rice where a different critter is used to make it red, this rice has a black vernier like skin, and it looks to be short grain?

So I soaked about 2 pounds of it, which made all the wash water very violet-purple. Steamed it which made the cloth purple-black as well as my bamboo steamer segment…

Spread 1 1/2 tsp of vision spores. Interesting enough, because its black, the dust pops out quite nicely and surprised me how little will cover the entire area…

After about 40 hours later, it was done. The black skin was split with yellowish-white underneath. Smells more spicy than using regular rice, a little sharper.

Will be interesting to see what sort of sake this makes.


I’ve come to the conclusion these are soybean koji spores. I grow around 98F. Vision matures pretty fast at that temp and becomes yellowish. To slow down this effect, growing it around 86-92 seems to make it a little more white.

Well, the tasting after pressing and before pasteurization was: A lot of umami, some melon, umami, and some alcohol and umami…


Very pretty light purple / red almost pink.

Hi Dray,

Nice work with the black rice shu.

I was wondering:

  1. Did you use black rice for all of the additions as well? If not what rice did you end up using?

  2. Which yeast did you use?

  3. What type of water did you use?

Oh yea, what is the backstory with your next brew status? :“Don’t make popcorn sake”. I laughed when I saw that. Have you actually tried?



  1. I used black rice to make the koji. Calrose sushi rice was the main rice.
  2. Wyeast sake #9
  3. RO water, with salt adjustments in the moto, soaked with tap water (very hard water 0 Metals)

Yes, I actually made sake using rice koji and 10lbs of popcorn.

It was like drinking a 18% diluted soy sauce. Kinda. It was unique. The roasted shells had all their flavors extracted into the sake to make a very golden sake.
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