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Black pepper beer

Grabbed a growler of an ESB from a brewery I stopped in at. The beer itself was kind of tame but I noticed it tasted nice after I had a piece of pepper cheese . So later when I had another glass I got out the pepper shaker and kicked it up a notch, I liked it. Anyone brewing a black pepper beer want to share ?

I have used black pepper in beers before but I was always concerned that it would be too overpowering. You can start to detect it with just 8 or 10 little peppercorns crushed and either boiled in the last couple minutes of your boil or soaked in an ounce of vodka and adding this spiced vodka at bottling/kegging time. It can add a great complexity.

Several of my favorite beers I have ever tasted have been black pepper beers. There are several available on the commercial market and they’re usually very good. It’s a suggestion, and maybe a “style”!?, worth further exploration and pursuit. Enjoy!

I’ve used black pepper in a couple Belgian styles, but I prefer white, red, pink and green peppercorns.

Why not black? Do you do the vodka infusion? I was thinking a pale or ESB.

Black works for some things, but it sometimes comes off a little harsh to me. The others have a touch of fruitiness to them that suit the styles I use them in. I never do vodka tinctures…I can always taste the heat of the vodka in the beer. I just toss them in the last 5 min. of the boil.

Don’t some Belgian yeasts taste a bit peppery?

Some saison yeasts do, although I think strictly that’s French, not Belgian.

I think I’m going to do an amber ale, maybe something like fat tire and put in a little pepper. Amber ales a lot of times are to sweet for me, might be good.

Nebraska brewing has a Peach and Black Peppercorn something or another I tried at a local brewfest. Against my initial reaction I found it worked really well, and found myself making the trip back to that tent all evening.


When in Colorado on raft trips we drink dirty ashtrays. Can of tecate with salt pepper and lime sprinkled on top of can. Actually not bad.

Some saison yeasts do, although I think strictly that’s French, not Belgian.[/quote]

The French did something right?
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A good Bordeaux, croissants, the can-can, escargot, a tower, and the Statue of Liberty.

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French fries and french toast

French fries are not from France. “to French” means to cut and fries means there fried.

Next your going to tell me poutine is not French or that the French didn’t invent sex.

Poutine is from Quebec. Sex wasn’t invented.

Haha. GD is right about the food. Fries are most likely Belgian in origin, and french toast goes back to at least the Roman empire or before. But sex? I think the French DID invent that, right after they invented absinthe, or maybe it was just a natural progression from drinking the absinthe?

In all seriousness, I have often thought that my saison did have a little bit of black pepper taste on the back end, and I’d be interested if actual black pepper in something like a standard wheat beer turned out ok.

Oh well, nonetheless, CHEERS to peppery beers!



All real Americans eat freedom fries and freedom toast.
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