Black Malt Porter

This turned out to be one of my best beers out of about 30 batches so far. Really simple and incredibly smooth. The beer even has plenty of body.
• 6.25# Light LME
• 10 oz Black Malt
• 12.5 oz C120
• 6.25 oz Carapils
• .5 oz Magnum 12.3 @45
• .5 Willamette 4.5 @10
• S-05 dry yeast
Fermented 3 weeks and bottled. Tastes better at 50-55 degrees than 35-40.

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Sometimes simple is better. Thanks for the recipe. I agree that most beers that dark are better a little warmer than ice cold. It brinks out the dark malt flavor.

yeah, I bet that C120 gives you a nice malt complexity behind the probably light/smooth roast character. Congrats on a great recipe well-executed!

I must say, I really love using English ale yeasts on porters. If you are looking to switch it up next time, I would highly recommend that (you could use S-04, or another liquid English Ale yeast of your choosing). We used Conan (which is similar to London Ale III IIRC) on our last Robust Porter, and it came in 2nd BOS at a local comp.

Thanks for the good idea about the yeast. I’m gonna put some S-04 on my brew list right now.
You are dead on about the light/smooth roast character as well. This is the first dark beer I have made which does not include either roasted barley, chocolate malt or both and I love the different taste . So many beers out there, haha.

One of the changes I made this year to my rum barrel Porter was s 04 instead of us 05 and I really liked the results

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