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Black ipa not so black

I ordered the nb kit all grain black ipa. It looked black coming out of the mashtun however after boiling it, it turned brown and after one week in primary still brown. I thought maybe it was the hops that turned it brown (combination between black and green) I was wondering if this will turn black again after all residue falls out or if maybe I got shorted some grain from the kit. Has this happened to anyone else?
Just wondering…

A “black” IPA doesn’t have to be true black - my favorite version is about 17 SRM, dark from a foot away but hold it up to the light and it’s garnet.

depending on how long its in your fermenter, it is very possible there is a lot of sediment causing the color too look brown. give it time and it should drop out and probably leave you with a darker beer. may be really dark clear red if you hold up to the light as shadetree said.

i wouldnt worry about it too much. if it stays brown, call it an Indian brown ale :cheers:

That seems reasonable. I am sure it will be good, but its my first black ipa. Thanks for your insights!

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