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Black IPA finished ferment and kegging

Ive had my 1 gallon Black IPA sitting for 10 days now and haven’t seen anything going on for 6-7 days now. It had a good fermentation for 2-3 days then the krausen fell and hasnt had anymore bubbles. Would it hurt if I go ahead and keg it? Any benefits of waiting the full 2 weeks?

Don’t rush it. Fermentation may not be completed even though it has slowed considerably. The most reliable way to tell is to check specific gravity with a hydrometer a few days apart. If it hasn’t changed over a few days, then fermentation is done.

I didn’t want to take a gravity reading since it’s such a small batch so I’ll probably just wait a few more days just to be sure.

Extra time in lieu of specific gravity checks is fairly safe when kegging compared to bottling. Kegs usually don’t explode like a bottle will if the fermentation hadn’t finished before packaging.

Extra time will also mean more suspended yeast and sediments will drop out. Fewer cloudy glasses of beer when the keg is tapped.

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You can just sanitize the hydrometer and test it right in the fermenter.


For the one gallon kits with carboys, the typical hydrometer that comes from NB is about an inch to long for this to work :confounded:.

Yeah I was gonna try that but it is in fact too short for the 1 gallon carboy!

Bummer, the one I have works in the one gallon glass fermenter I use.

Bummer indeed! Do you have a link to where you bought your hydrometer?

I got it at my local shop. I just went to look at it to see if there’s a part number on it and there isn’t. I also noticed it’s cracked, so I’ll stop in tomorrow for a new one and see if they have a model number or something.

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