Black IPA FG calculation

First post. I have about 10 extract and partial mash batches under my belt, so not a complete newb, but close. Just did NB’s Black IPA kit. Did a full boil. Used S-05 (and probably should have used a packet and a half), pitched at 68°and moved the primary into a room that’s about 62° to 64°. Never saw any airlock activity, popped the lid on the fermenter and saw plenty of krausen, so no worries. OG was 1.071, NB says it should be 1.075.

Around day 4 I took a gravity reading and got 1.024, still some krausen on the top. Day 7, krausen has settled and I’m still reading 1.024, which seems high. Fermenter is now in a room that’s more like 71°, hoping things will clean up and drop a little farther. Finally, here’s the real point of this post: I plugged this recipe into Brewer’s Friend, and they calculate OG 1.075, FG 1.021, which means I’m not too far off. Seems really high to me. Opinions?

AG or extract?

1 pack of dry yeast is fine.

Brewing software can not predict the FG.

Have you tested your hydrometer in distilled water at the proper temp for accuracy?

Are you using a hydrometer or refractometer?

It’s extract. Using a hydrometer that I have tested, and it is accurate. Funny, I just tossed a hydrometer that was massively off.

That is a bit high for that beer. That is the kit with the sugar in it too right? Even if it’s extract when using 05 you should be able to get it down lower I would think. Keep it up at a warmer temp and give it a few weeks to see what happens.

As always, nothing works quite so well as doing nothing. Warmed it up a little, now at 1.019. I’ll give it one more week in the primary, dry hop and bottle. Woo hoo!

ANY calculator that attempts to predict FG is bogus. They use the attenuation rating of the yeast and that should only be used for comparing one yeast to another, not as a predictor of the FG you’ll get. Wort composition and fermentability is the determining factor and I haven’t seen a calculator that can take those into account.