So this weekend I’m planning on my first BIAB and going with a Black IPA. Although with the hop bill it might be closer to a DIPA. I really like Nugget and wanted to try something similar in a Dark beer. The only thing I’m not sure of is the hop times and additions. Not sure if I should do some later, or even remove some all together. I also have half a thing of molasses left over from my pumpkin beer, not sure if it would fit in this style or maybe use it in my apple wheat I plan on brewing next.

Here is the rundown;

11lb 8oz Pale Malt
6.8oz Carmel 80
6oz Carafa III
6oz Chocolate Malt
1lb Corn Sugar

1oz Nugget @60
1oz Summit @45
1oz Nugget @30
1oz Chinook @15
1oz Centennial @10
1oz Cascade @5
1oz Centennial @0
1oz Cascade Dry Hop

Est OG 1.073
IBU 153.5
Color 27.6
Est ABV 7.5

I’d move the summit and 30 min nugget to 15 or lower then just up the 60 min addition to get ibu where you want. You could also use those for fwh. I would also up the dry hops to 2oz or more.

So first BIAB is in the books. Hit all my volume numbers per Beersmith2 predictions, but missed my gravity by a few points both after Mash and after boil. BS2 predicted 1.053 after Mash and 1.070 final. I ended up with 1.047 and 1.060 final.

I did a second mill off of NB pre-milled grains, didn’t go all the way to powder consistency as I read it can make the beer a little gritty. I also let the grains drain twice and poured that in. My saccharification was 60min, and then 17min mashout. I used BS2 timers, but probably should have gone 90min as I have read high OG beers benefit more. All in all I’m please I was able to get 76% Mash Eff, and 67.8% Brewhouse Eff.

Congrats! Sounds like you had a good brew day.

Did you do a full volume BIAB mash? If so that’s pretty good efficiency. Doing a less than full volume mash with a sparge to get pre-boil volume would help increase efficiency, as would milling finer. I do a pour over sparge with 190ish water and get very high efficiency. The mash out really isn’t necessary and just adds time to your brew day IMHO.

Yes did a full volume. How would you calculate the sparge in BS2?
Just start with one less gallon and use that? How fine do you mill? I played around with my knockoff Corona Mill from Amazon
, first it was almost powder, tuned it back bout the width of a washer, didn’t recognize if some hulls were intact, or at least didn’t appear they were.

I do more of a traditional water to grain ratio mash where I get about half my pre boil vol from mash then half from sparge. I crush pretty hard .026 mill gap but I’m opening it a little with each brew day because my efficiency was too high. I want to hit my numbers better rather than have such high OG.

Washer sounds kind of wide. Maybe try a credit card? Which I think is about .032?

Congrats on your first A.G. Brew

The washer was the same width as a CC. I forgot to take a picture of each grind attempt but I did get it into my YouTube video

, although not sure how visible it is. My next beer is going to be an Apple Hefe so the grain bill is going to be smaller and lower gravity so might be able to fine tune a little more with it.


Off topic but how do you like that grain mill you posted?

I’m looking for an economic mill right now to do my own grains. I currently just order them crushed from NB but figure I can fine tune my system a bit better by doing it myself.

Seems to do the job. Wasn’t hard to modify. There is a whole thread going at hombrewtalk about modifying the Corona Mill.