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Black IPA clogging my kegerator

Kegged the NB Black IPA last week and realized today the hops are clogging my kegerator out tube. I guess I siphoned in too much hops.

Planning on siphoning the batch back out of the keg into a carboy and rekegging again without as much sediment.

Any other suggestions?

How about removing your beer out steel tube from your keg first? If its a clog you can remove by hand, you might save yourself some time and trouble. Good luck

You could try putting your gas on your beer out post. That would push the clog out and if you’re lucky, it’ll settle that way and you won’t have that problem again. I would try to remedy without opening the keg now that you’ve pushed the O2 out.

Thanks guys. I already pulled the out tube and cleared it once. Thats how I knew the hops was clogging the system. It clogged back up right away. I’ll try the gas on the out tube for a bit and then swap back and see if it makes a difference.

Reversing the gas and beer lines to clear it seems to have worked for now. But man the beer is just full of hops. Not so pleasant. Guess I should let it settle and siphon into a carboy and back into the keg to try and get some of the solids out.

This is the main reason I use a hop spider during the boil and try to only use whole hops for dry hopping, whenever possible. I also started dry hopping right in the keg using a mesh bag.

Just something to think about in the future.

This is the first time I’ve had this happen to me. Guessing its from the dry hopping in carboy 5 days prior to kegging per NB recipe… First time I’ve done that.

i know this is on old thread but the same thing just happened to me today. What did you end up doing? I’m tempted to re-rack, but wondering how much this will help.

Re racking is opening yourself to oxidation. I know it’s a PITA but maybe clear the tube and try to get a piece of screening around the end of it

Looking back at this reminds me @dobe12 mentored me wonder what happened to him

Yeah he was a regular a few years back.

Tough problem with hop debris clogging the dip tube…I’ve had the pleasure. No good solutions, clearing the dip tube multiple times with gas eventually worked but it was one cloudy, hop debris containing adventure to drink it later. What it did do for me was reinforce the importance of careful transfers, leaving all the trub/hop sediment out even if it means leaving a little more beer in the fermenter. And dry hopping in a hop sack, carefully sealed.

For Super happy kegs how about one of those floating dip tubes

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