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BJCP category help for a Cane and Abel clone

Hello, I made a Two Brothers Cane and Abel clone and I’d like to enter it into competition but I’m not sure what Category to list it under.
Two Brothers call it a Red Rye Ale, but it’s also very hoppy.In the past I have only made beer just to please myself and my husband, so I’ve focused on recipes more than categories. People seem to really like my C&A clone, so I thought I’d it it a go in competition.
I’m new to competitions and want to do this as right as possible.
Thanks in advance for any help.

Sorry I don’t have an answer to your question, but I love your philosophy! Welcome to the forum.

I’ve never tasted it, but it sounds like a Rye IPA, which doesn’t have an official style, which would make it a Specialty, Category 23. Sound okay? If you can’t taste the rye at all, it’s possible it would be a regular American IPA or Imperial IPA, but if there is a lot of rye flavor, it goes into 23.

I’d agree with the 23. For those that haven’t had it I’d say it’s fairly close to Founders’ Red’s Rye with a bit more malt character. Good beer.

Thanks, I’ll go with Cat. 23.

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