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Bitter taste in my Irish red

I made a batch of red ale 16 days ago to date. It had a very lagging start of fermentation 72 hr. The og was 1.042 . I fermented @ 62 until day 8 when I let it warm up to 68 -70 to finish up. I didn’t get a fg reading after I warm them up to finish. I’m still @63.63 degrees and I checked the FG 2 days ago and it was 1.020 . I also tasted it and it was ok. I checked the FG again today and it was 1.016. But this time the taste was very bitter with very little flavor. Can anyone tell me what happened or is this normal or maybe my next possible step . I would appreciate it

Not trying to be a smartass, but maybe you just over-hopped it?
Contrary to what the current fashion dictates, there is such a thing as too much hops! :mrgreen:
Its a fairly common mistake, too.

I should emphasize that some highly hopped brews are among my favorites. Really good beer (including really good highly hopped beer) is all about balance.

Next time you make the brew, dial back the amount of hops you’re using (and/or if you’re brewing all grain, adjust your mash temps and use a moderate amount of specialty grain).
I’d start there.
It may be as simple as that, assuming your problem is not sanitation and a resulting infection.

Can you post the recipe you used? That would help determine if that’s where the problem lies.

8lb 2- row
1lb flaked barley
1lb munich 10l
8oz flaked barley
8oz crystal 60
2.5oz roasted barley
.50z east golding
.50z amarillo gold
WLP 004 ale yeast

60 min boil on the hops
5 gal batch

I modified a recipe on beersmith , IBU suppose to be 16.

When i tasted the beer 2 days ago it was ok and i rasted it today and it bitter.
I have a brown ale with the same fermenting time , made them the same day and its tasted great today

I tried that red ale again after carbing for 2 weeks and its a little better but not something i wanna drink everyday. I think ill stick to light beers. I tried 2 dark ales bach to back and they both wouldnt make good cat piss. All my light ales (8) of them have been GREAT.Should i tie up a keg any longer or dump it?

Ouch! I hate to see good beer dumped! Maybe give it a little more time…it may mature into something you actually like!

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