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Bitter flavor in my Milk Stout after Keg Conditioning

Hi all,

Long time homebrewer, first time posting here. I have noticed that quite of few of the homebrews that I try have a bitter taste that overshadows the entire beer.

Yesterday I taped a keg of my most recent brew, a clone of Bell’s Double Cream Stout (recipe from Brew Your Own Mag) and noticed that it had the bitter “homebrewed” taste as well. Interesting thing is, after a week of keg conditioning my brother was over and wanted to try the Stout, so we pulled a couple of pints off and it tasted great. It was quite flat, but it tasted great.

Does anyone know what I can do to prevent that bitter taste from developing during the last couple of weeks of keg conditioning?

Thanks for your help and efforts making drinking better beer possible!

Tim O’Rourke

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