Biofine Clear or Insinglass

I have a Kolsch underway for summer drinking. I am using the Wyeast 2565, which I like, but as a low flocculation yeast, it never seems to drop out of suspension.

I used Whirlfloc in the boil, but I am also considering using a fining agent in the secondary carboy. Any thoughts or suggestions on Biofine Clear vs Insinglass?


I would just use gelatin…inexpensive, readily available, natural, & very effective. Dose the beer after chilling it and it’ll remove any chill haze as well.

I’ve had good luck with Biofine Clear and nothing is easier to use.

  1. Chill the beer as you would for any fining agent
  2. Dump your dose of Biofine into your bottling bucket or keg
  3. Rack on top of it

Gelatin is a PITA to use, but I believe it’s the cheapest option. A lot of people use it to remove yeast.

Great input. Thanks folks.