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Bine question

What is a good average weight of dried hops one can expect from a good crowned bine in year 2+ of growth? Not looking to get specifics just averages IE: Do you get 5oz, 5lb, 5kg etc… not talking entire hop harvest just one plants expected average.

For me it depends on the variety.

e.g. I might be lucky to get a couple ounces of the Perle,
while a couple pounds of the Zeus would be standard.

my 2nd year plants…

fuggles - nothing worth picking
goldings - nothing worth picking
cascades - 5 ounces
nuggets - 11 ounces

I’m in the club too. I’ve normally given any variety that I’ve grown at least 4 years before making a decision to keep or yank. The heavy producers will generally reveal themselves by the second year but some of the others may take a year or two longer. It seems to depend on your location and growing conditions as I gave some Hallertau rhizomes to a guy down near Pittsburgh (45 miles away) and they did phenomenal for him. He does live in the floodplain of the Allegheny River though. It all takes time so make sure to keep brewing so you’ll have enough to keep you company for the entire ride!

Much thanks, I was thinking making a couple of pounds per plant it sounds like that might be a tad optimistic.

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