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Big Mouth Bubbler with new lid lock strap

I got a new Big Mouthed Bubbler with the new strap design that secures the lid.
I have to say I never had had problem with the previous design and the lid popping off because I just used the adjustable straps to secure the lid. The new design has created an actual lid strap as a stand alone velcro/Fastex buckle piece. Since the biggest complaint people have with the design is the lid popping off this is an obvious solution but a heavy handed one from a design point IMO.


Heavy handed is an apt description.

Given that a screw-on lid is a pretty simple design; it also feels like doubling down on stupid.


Something else to sell. I also wondered why they don’t make a screw top

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Looks to me like some kind of bdsm/brewing fetish device…



hahaha i’m not goin to be able to look at it the same way now danny

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How much do they cost? Just curious

The 6.5 is $35. I got my first one years ago for free as part of some deal. I have 5 gallon glass one that is really beautiful as well.
This is the far easier to deal with solution using the same strapping that they now provide.

Here’s my alternate design


Whatever works! I have the original plastic BMBs from prehistoric days; tops didn’t blow off, but they were infamous for air leaks. Best solution, and I tried a bunch, was copious amounts of KegLube.

Much more elegant than the strappy thing IMHO. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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It’s about to get medieval on your wort.

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Kinky my wife would love it

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Me did step away from big mouth. Me do use the speidel fermentors.

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Do any of you use the depth charge dry hop insert? I have one and used it twice, but the jury is still out if I like it and am using it to it’s potential. The times I’ve used it I swapped the lids when the dry hop step came which made it easy but worried I’m introducing large amounts of oxygen. I don’t think I’ll ever get away from oxygen during the dry hop process cause I want to keep it simple and not have to buy all the closed transfer stuff, etc.

Long story short what is your experiences with the depth charge?

I have it and use it more for fruit additions or oak. I think it limits dry hopping however and prefer free range hops and filtering afterwards.
I have switched to pure spigot transfers and avoiding auto-siphons. That has helped maintaining my hop aroma.

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Awesome. Thank you.

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