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Big Mouth Bubbler- recommend it?

So…anyone who’s bought it and used it: worth it? good product? would you recommend it?

On the plusses.

  • It's cooler looking than a bucket.[/*]
  • It's [i]slightly[/i] safer than a glass carboy. -an outright drop will still leave you up you-know-which-creek, but there's no neck to slice your hand tendons.[/*]
  • It's easy to scrub. no scratching worries.[/*]
  • It supports a 1" blow-off unlike a bucket.[/*] On the minuses [list=1]
  • It's one heavy sumbitch[/*]
  • you pretty much need a hauler to move it when full[/*]

    I got the one, if I need another fermenter I think I’ll get another bucket.

  • +1

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